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Xiaomi Smartphone Can Be Your Only Camera Mobile Fashion Photography


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Xiaomi Smartphone Can Be Your Only Camera Mobile Fashion Photography

Xiaomi Smartphone Can Be Your Only Camera Mobile Fashion Photography

Xiaomi Smartphone Can Be Your Only Camera Mobile Xiaomi Mi 9 Fashion Photography. The mobile photography Photo project today occupies a separate and rather honourable place in the world of photography. Cameras in modern smartphones ousted the once very popular “soapboxes” from the market, and now they are striving to compete with more professional equipment in terms of frame quality. What can I say - a rare photographer refuses to the pleasure of sometimes taking juicy pictures on a smartphone? This is equally facilitated by the fact that the mobile device is always at hand, and in order to take a picture, just a few clicks are enough, and the fact that social networks motivate us to take “quick photos” and share them with subscribers at regular intervals.But sometimes the camera in a smartphone can become the main tool in creating a fashion photoshoot in the spirit of the best glossy magazines. Do not believe it? Professional photographer Natalya Derevitskaya with her team and an incredible fashion story prove that today nothing is impossible, and in skilled hands, a mobile photo looks stylish, beautiful and very emotional. For her sensational photo project, together with Xiaomi Ukraine, Natalia chose the top-end smartphone Xiaomi Mi 9 . And the choice in his favour was made for a reason. The flagship 2019 from Xiaomi has one of the best triple cameras on the market, with the help of which it is difficult not to dare to take photo experiments.

Fashion Photography Xiaomi Smartphone Photo Project

Photographer - Natalya DerevitskayaStyle - Tatyana KozubovaMakeup - Cyril NovakModel - Natalya Kinebas[caption id="attachment_7945" align="aligncenter" width="703"]Xiaomi Mi 9 smartphone Xiaomi Mi 9 smartphone[/caption]How was this fashion project created, what inspired it to be created, and what kind of impressions did the photographer, who has been “living” for more than 10 years, have caused a full-fledged shooting on the Xiaomi Mi 9 smartphone? We asked these questions to Natalya, the photographer and creator of the ambitious photo project, and got an expert opinion on how mobile photography is developing today and whether it has a future from a professional point of view.You have been in photography for over 10 years. How has the approach to photography in general and to fashion photography in particular changed during this time?In recent years, the quality of photography has improved significantly, all kinds of photo editors have been used, the number of photo banks is growing, social networks are setting a frantic pace. Insta format 3 × 4 has become familiar to me, I try to take it into account when shooting.In fashion photography, in my opinion, speed, creativity and original content are important. Magazines no longer want to work with film; it is expensive and time-consuming. Themselves go to the Internet version and social networks, where they are trying to compete with fashion bloggers and celebrities. Therefore, we are increasingly seeing photographs from a mobile phone, not only in social networks but also in print media (where the “socialites” were resting, who were sitting in the front row of the main shows, etc.).I would like to note that great photographers claim that they can remove another masterpiece on an ordinary soap dish! Therefore, quality is important, but your vision and personality are simply priceless! In this sense, the core values ​​have not changed.[caption id="attachment_7946" align="aligncenter" width="702"]What inspired you to conduct an experiment and make a professional “glossy” photo shoot on a smartphone What inspired you to conduct an experiment and make a professional “glossy” photo shoot on a smartphone[/caption]What inspired you to conduct an experiment and make a professional “glossy” photoshoot on a smartphone?On Instagram, I saw a beautiful photo of one of my favourite fashion photographers. I could not believe that the photo was taken on a mobile phone. The idea came to shoot a real fashion story on a smartphone. An incredible location and idea inspired our entire team. For us, it was a challenge - to take professional photos on the top model Xiaomi Smartphone Mi 9.[caption id="attachment_7947" align="aligncenter" width="701"]What camera modes in Xiaomi Mi 9 did you use when shooting What camera modes in Xiaomi Mi 9 did you use when shooting[/caption]What camera modes in Xiaomi Smartphone Mi 9 did you use when shooting? You also entrusted the post-processing to a smartphone, or did you still use a laptop and “adult” photo editors?As for the modes, I used everything during the shooting! There are no rules in fashion photography, you can find portraits shot with a wide-angle lens or even with a fisheye lens. I especially liked the last mode in Mi9. I tested the camera before shooting on vacation with children - the landscapes shot in this mode turned out to be fantastically beautiful. I used to work in “adult” photo editors, but it was fundamentally important for me not to use filters, plastic and other tricks. Therefore, we carefully prepared for this shoot: a model with perfect skin, clothes that fit well, and even waited for suitable weather. I was worried about photos at sunset, but the 48-megapixel camera coped with this task.[caption id="attachment_7948" align="aligncenter" width="702"]Which option seems more convenient to you Which option seems more convenient to you[/caption]Are there any fundamental differences in shooting with a professional camera and a smartphone? Which option seems more convenient to you?There are differences, but not fundamental ones. Watching how fast mobile photography develops, in the near future there will be much less. It’s hard to compare a professional camera and a smartphone, I see strengths and weaknesses in each device. If we talk about speed and convenience - the phone is an indisputable favourite. The camera also allows you to take photos of the highest quality.What features in your smartphone’s camera, in your opinion, will be useful for a modern photographer? What can’t you do without a good mobile photo project?In my opinion, without good light, it’s hard to make a quality shot. As for the functions, today there are enough of them. I think the next step is good optics.[caption id="attachment_7949" align="aligncenter" width="703"]Do you consider a smartphone as an alternative to professional cameras Do you consider a smartphone as an alternative to professional cameras[/caption]Do you consider a smartphone as an alternative to professional cameras mobile photography? Do you plan to create interesting photo projects in the future, the shooting of which will take place on the smartphone’s camera?I’m not considering an alternative yet. For me, a smartphone is an indispensable assistant in preparing for a photoshoot, in shooting video/photo backstage fashion photography. Our team really liked the result of a fashion story shot on Xiaomi Mi9, so we decided to continue to carry out such interesting photo projects in the future!

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Looking through these photos, it is hard to imagine that they were not made with a professional camera. Excellent colour reproduction and detail, advanced shooting modes and the presence of multiple lenses really take mobile photography to a whole new level.How do you like the photo project of Natalia Derevitskaya? Do you think smartphones will ever completely replace cameras? We are waiting for your opinions in the comments.

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