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    Xiaomi Amazfit Verge Detailed Review


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    Xiaomi Amazfit Verge Detailed Review

    Xiaomi Amazfit Verge Detailed Review

    Xiaomi Amazfit Verge Detailed Review. The company Amazfit, a sub-brand of the Chinese giant Xiaomi , never ceases to amaze with interesting wearable gadgets, which by their functionality give odds to more eminent brands and at the same time have a very loyal price tag.

    Last year, the smart watch market was blown up by Amazfit Bip , which offered users to work on one charge for up to 45 days. And this year Amazfit Verge will definitely be a hit . Let their autonomy at times more modest, but they will definitely compete with many flagship devices. Today we will talk about all the advantages and disadvantages of new products from Amazfit. Does she have prospects to become a bestseller?

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    Xiaomi Amazfit Verge Detailed Review Content

    • What is included?
    • Design and materials
    • Display
    • Briefly about the characteristics
    • Functionality
    • How to connect Amazfit Verge to your smartphone
    • How to change the dial
    • Amazfit Verge security – is this IP68 exactly?
    • Autonomy
    Xiaomi Amazfit Verge Detailed Review

    What is included?

    Amazfit Verge comes in a nice box of white cardboard with a thin decorative lining, where you can find the main characteristics of the device. The packaging looks very presentable: inside everything is thought out and all the components “sit” in their places. On all sensations, it can not be compared with a simple packaging of the same Mi Band 3 . In general, pleases the eye and, if necessary, to present the device will not be ashamed. Inside we own the Amazfit Verge watch itself, as well as the cradle (charger, with which you can also manage files on the watch) and a booklet with user instructions.

    I want to dwell on the cradle in more detail. The charger is a rather massive capsule, in which the clock sits tightly. His back wall is rounded, and the cable runs right along its center, which is why putting the watch while charging will fail. Although in fairness, I note that without a charging station, the watches, by virtue of their design and fairly rigid attachment of the bracelet, do not fall and will have to be stored sideways. But in fact, this is easy to get used to. Another nuance associated with the charging station is that when you pull the watch you will have to make some physical effort.

    Design and materials

    Amazfit Verge comes in a nice box

    If we talk about the appearance of Amazfit Verge, then they look almost classic, but with a hint of a sports device. Of the entire Amazfit line, Verge has the most visually common to Amazfit Stratos , except that there are fewer physical buttons, the edging around the screen is wider and the materials in Verge are different. I like the fact that the body of the gadget is round, not square or rectangular – it looks more like a clock in their traditional sense. Although it is a matter of taste Xiaomi Amazfit Verge Detailed Review.

    The body is made of thick matte plastic. Probably due to this, the weight of a smart watch is only 46 grams and on the arm they are practically imperceptible. The model in the review is a model in blue, but also Amazfit Verge is available in dark gray and white . The body, by the way, is quite high – about 14 mm. But when the watch is on the hand, their size is not striking.

    A distinctive feature of the model was the use of two colors of plastic in the case, where the upper part is made of the material of the primary color and the lower part is made of contrasting gray plastic. A bright “spot” in this monochrome ensemble is the only mechanical button “Home” and the division around the dial.

    The bracelet is made of a dense composite material that feels like either hard silicone or soft plastic. Alas, the strap can not be changed, this will have to accept. There are quite a few divisions on the bracelet itself, so you can easily fix the device on any wrist. In addition, there is a small tail on the buckle, which will help to fix the watch more reliably. In general, Amazfit Verge is very comfortable to wear, and after only half an hour you forget about their presence.

    Display Xiaomi Amazfit Verge Detailed Review


    bright AMOLED-display

    Unlike most smart devices manufactured under the auspices of Xiaomi, Amazfit Verge equipped with a bright AMOLED-display . And this is what favorably distinguishes the model against the background of transflective and, moreover, monochrome counterparts. Having a size of 1.3 inches, the screen received a resolution of 360 × 360 pixels. Because of this, the picture looks clear, and it is simply impossible to find individual pixels with the naked eye. Contrast and margin of brightness are also good, except that the latter is not enough for readability in direct sunlight.

    Of course, the display in Amazfit Verge touch. Remembering the experience of testing the notorious Mi Band 3 fitness tracker , I can not help but notice that the Verge screen is at times more responsive – it perfectly perceives all touches or swipes and does not need to repeat the same actions several times. And besides this, the screen is protected by 3rd generation Gorilla Glass with oleophobic coating.

    Briefly about the characteristics

    The “heart” of the smart clock is a 2-core ECG processor with a maximum clock frequency of 1.2 GHz. The permanent memory in the device is 4 GB (about half is available for the user, since about 2 GB is occupied by the operating system), and the RAM is 512 MB. For a device of this type, these indicators are more than enough – Verge works smartly and without suspension for any degree of load. And what, in fact, still need?

    Xiaomi Amazfit Verge Detailed Review The operating system in Amazfit Verge is the proprietary Amazfit OS. The system is quite easy to use, interaction with it occurs on an intuitive level, and besides, it is friendly to smartphones on any operating system — at least on iOS , at least on Android . If we talk about wireless technologies, the new product from Amazfit has everything you need: Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11 b / g, Bluetooth version 4.0, an NFC module, and support for GPS and A-GPS.

    Functionality Detailed Review

    To modern wearable gadgets rather high demands. They should not only have the functions of a fitness tracker , but also be able to display all notifications, whether messages in instant messengers, mail, SMS messages or calls, and ideally also manage music or be able to download tracks directly to the smart watch . And Amazfit Verge has all these chips.

    As mentioned above, the user has about 2 GB in order to download their favorite music to the device. This is especially convenient for workouts or morning runs in the park – by connecting a wireless headset , you can listen to the tracks just from your watch, leaving the smartphone in the locker or changing room at home. Yes, notifications in the absence of a phone next to “arrive” will not, but for full-fledged workouts, this is good – fewer distractions.

    But if you part with a smartphone, even for an hour, it is an unaffordable luxury for you, then in this case it is not necessary to upload music to the gadget. With Amazfit Verge, you can control the playback of music on your smartphone, it does not matter if it is downloaded to the device Xiaomi Amazfit Verge Detailed Review or you use any music service and listen to the tracks online. Of the extra chips, there is a weather widget, alarm clock, timer, stopwatch and even a compass.

    Fitness features in the Verge model are represented by a fairly standard set. Here, of course, we have a pedometer, a calculation of the distance traveled and an approximate calculation of calories burned, a heart rate monitor, monitoring of physical activity and exercise, as well as tracking the quality of sleep. Due to the presence of a speaker and a microphone, you can receive and make calls using your watch. In this case, the gadget is a wireless headset to the smartphone, since the installation of a SIM card is not provided in it. It is unlikely that this feature will be particularly in demand among users, but it is still there.

    How to connect Amazfit Verge to your smartphone

    The Amazfit Verge connection algorithm is quite simple and similar to those used for most smart devices. To connect, we need a smartphone and an installed partner application. Contrary to expectations, you need to connect the watch not to the old and good Mi Fit, but to the Amazfit Watch proprietary application, with which you can connect any of the Amazfit watches – Pace , Bip , Stratos , and now Verge.

    After installation, the application will offer to create an account, log in using an existing one or log in via social networks. Now you can specify some personal information: year of birth, login, height and weight. Then, for correct operation, you need to give the application all the necessary permissions, after which a QR code will appear on the smart watch, and a special scanner will turn on on the smartphone screen. We press the confirmation on the clock and immediately after that the synchronization of the devices will begin.

    If after connecting you receive a message about the availability of updates, you can download it using Wi-Fi. To do this, you must enter the password and connect to the desired network, after which the software update will start, the progress of which can be observed on the main screen of the device.

    That’s all. Now you have access to full statistics and analytics of your physical activity and workouts, sleep quality (in the event that you go to bed without removing the clock), as well as a lot of widget settings and management of your account. The interface here is quite convenient and understandable, so it makes no sense to describe each item. The only thing I lack in this model of smart watches and application, respectively, is the search for a smartphone or the watch itself. In the third Mi Band, I really liked this feature.

    informative and creative

    At the moment, Amazfit has not yet acquired its own application store. But in Amazfit Verge there are 10 design options available for the dials for every taste and color. Among them there are both informative and creative, and you can change them both on the smart watch itself and in the Amazfit Watch application.

    The clock is the easiest to do. To change the dial, rather long pressing on the previously installed one, after which the carousel opens to you with other design options. The application has a separate menu item “Select the dial” in which you can select and install a new style of watches in the same way Xiaomi Amazfit Verge Detailed Review.

    Amazfit Verge security – is this IP68 exactly?

    The manufacturer has stated that the Amazfit Verge smart watch has an IP68 standard for protection against dust and water. As we know, this standard provides for today the maximum protection against moisture and microparticles for mobile and wearable gadgets. However, the instructions for the watch stated that they are not recommended to take a shower or swim in the pool Xiaomi Amazfit Verge Detailed Review.

    Of course, the IP68 designation does not imply any clear framework, and each manufacturer specifies its own recommendations for the operation of its gadgets. But if we proceed from these recommendations, then the maximum, how to interact with the liquid, without removing Amazfit Verge, is to wash your hands. This state of affairs is a bit confusing. But let’s be frank – how many of us run the risk of crawling into the water (fresh, of course) with our device, even if the manufacturer assures that he has no liquid for anything? I suppose not. Therefore, in practice, even spray protection is already more than enough. Well, if you plan to not part with your device under any pretext, I recommend to pay attention to those smart watches that involve immersion in water. But be prepared for the fact that the price of such a gadget will be two times (or even more) higher.


    Amazfit Verge has a battery with a capacity of 390 mAh and the manufacturer assures that with a moderate load a single charge will last for 5 days. In practice, this figure is slightly lower – 3-4 days with an average load and about 2 days – with more intensive. The most “voracious” function of any wearable device is GPS, so it is recommended not to leave it turned on permanently. In principle, Xiaomi Amazfit Verge Detailed Review this also applies to Wi-Fi and to constant monitoring of the heart rate.

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