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The Most Interesting Features of The Smart Phone Huawei P30 Pro


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The Most Interesting Features of The Smart Phone Huawei P30 Pro

The Most Interesting Features of The Smart Phone Huawei P30 Pro

Today we will talk about the most interesting features of the “King of Night Scene” Huawei P30 Pro Smart Phone. Believe me, there are a lot of interesting and unusual.

The new flagship from Huawei has managed to make itself talk. He managed to surprise, shock, and, on the contrary, upset someone. Someone, including your humble servant, was captivated by the design, functionality and, of course, the camera Huawei P30 Pro . There were also those who wrote and said that the new flagship had an outdated design, a drop-like neckline, like some budget smartphones, and the HiSilicon Kirin 980 “old” processor also did not forget to walk. In this article, I am not going to persuade, persuade, or argue about anyone. To be honest, reluctance to spend this precious time. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. It has long been understood that everyone has their own truth. Today I want to talk about the most interesting pieces that have managed to intrigue me, surprise, charm, helped me use the smartphone efficiently, take great photos with Most Interesting Features.

Interface change

The debate about which branded shell is better for Android smartphones has been going on since the very first day of their appearance and has not stopped until now Most Interesting Features. Everyone has their own preferences, their own understanding, so that they would like to see in such shells how they should look. The Huawei EMUI shell has been intensively talked about over the past couple of years. Immediately there were her fans and opponents. Those who did not like it, almost unanimously claim that it has an unusual and sometimes unsuccessful interface. First of all, they scold EMUI for the heterogeneity of icons, the style of icons, and so on. But after all, there is a solution to this supposedly “problem”.In Huawei smartphones Most Interesting Features, and in particular in the Huawei P30 Pro, there are a huge number of themes, desktop wallpaper and lock screen - on the desktop you will see an icon with this application. We have to admit that I have not seen such a variety of themes and desktop wallpapers from any smartphone maker. Downloading the theme, you adjust the appearance of the interface to fit your needs. You can also change the font of the smartphone. Some of these experiments you really like. And, believe me, then you can hardly say that the Huawei EMUI proprietary shell does not look very attractive.For fans of the Kharkov artist Evgenia Gapchinskaya, Huawei has a special gift - a whole selection of free and paid (only less than 10 UAH) themes with the corporate style of a famous artist.Believe me, you will definitely be able to surprise others and get their attention.Particularly noteworthy is the ability to choose the style of the desktop.

Second curtain notifications

The blinds of notifications in the Android OS at one time made a real revolution in smartphones. Indeed, it is really very convenient and practical. Enough to hold your finger from top to bottom and open access to all settings and notifications. This saved us from having to search for some important settings in the smartphone, to open the app or chat every time to read the message. Manufacturers of smartphones have improved this functionality so much that now without it, each of us simply cannot imagine adequate control of the smartphone.[caption id="attachment_328" align="aligncenter" width="770"]Huawei_P30_Pro-0 Huawei_P30_Pro-0[/caption]In Huawei P30 Pro, I really liked the presence of the second curtain of notifications. Yes, the second curtain for notifications and settings has been added to the EMUI 9 smartphones. But it is visually hidden when you swipe down. But you should click on the change icon, as you will see it below. There you will see widgets that you did not place in the main curtain or by default the manufacturer didn’t put them in there. Therefore, it is possible to independently decide which settings will be in the upper curtain and which will be hidden. But you can use both curtains. Believe me, it is quite convenient to have all the settings on hand.

System navigation and support for unique gestures

Modern smartphones have taught us to ease of management. Now we can no longer imagine ourselves without some things, such as a touch screen with multitouch support, a convenient pop-up keyboard, the possibility of voice typing or the necessary search. For us, the smartphone has become not just a portable computer , but a small world in our pocket. Therefore, we want to control the device as conveniently as possible. Huawei P30 Pro Smart Phone a few years ago, this role was played by mechanical buttons, which occupied a considerable useful part of the screen. Over time, they were replaced by virtual buttons that managed to add multitasking to smartphones. But some users and they began to interfere. The situation has changed a bit with the release of Android 9 Pie, which brought the ability to control them with gestures. Perhaps not everyone still liked this innovation, but this method has undoubtedly become another step in the evolution of smartphones. Huawei is always trying to keep up with the times, introducing all the innovations of the mobile market into its devices. So, the latest flagships of the company Mate 20 and P30 series Most Interesting Features, as well as some devices of the middle and low-end segment have already entered the market with Android 9 Pie and the updated EMUI 9 firmware. Someone will say that the latest version of Android already supports various gestures by default, but Huawei has managed to add a bit of its own. I note that the developers of the company managed to invent their own navigation system for the EMUI 9, the main priority of which was simplicity and ease of use. If you briefly describe the principle of operation of the system of gestures in EMUI 9, then these are the simplest gestures that you can only imagine. It is both simple and ingenious at the same time.The basis, oddly enough, are just two of the most simple gestures. It is enough to hold your finger from the right or left edge of the screen to the center, as you immediately return to the previous action or application. In other words, it is practically an analogue of the “Back” button, but with a more attractive effect. It is necessary to perform a gesture using the swipe up from the bottom of the display, as you immediately return to the main screen. You guessed what action the button resembles? That's right - "Home." If, however, perform an almost similar gesture with the swap from the bottom, but hold for a second on the display in the pressed state, then you will be able to open the advanced menu that was created for the multitasking function. If you want to open the Google Assistant Voice Assistant, then simply swipe up from the bottom right or left edge Most Interesting Features. Gestures are certainly quite simple, but at the same time effective. You get used to them very quickly. It is worth taking a smartphone, on which there is no support for gestural navigation, as you immediately understand the convenience of such a function. But, if you are an adherent of old navigation, that is, it is more pleasant for you to click on even though virtual buttons, then the Huawei developers will be able to surprise you here too. It would seem that you can think of if everything has already been invented and created a million times.But the Huawei P30 Pro has one interesting option in system navigation. About her now and talk. If you select the “Three navigation buttons” mode, be sure to click on the Settings option. You will see a menu for selecting combinations of navigation buttons. There already 4 such combinations.If the first two are known to almost everyone, as they allow you to simply swap the Back and Multitasking buttons, the other two are with a surprise. There appeared the fourth button. It will allow you to open the notification curtain. In other words, you will not need to perform the usual movement from the top edge of the screen down to open this curtain. Now it is enough to press the fourth button and the curtain will go down by itself. This is very convenient if you like to work with one hand. It would seem a trifle, but nice.Also noteworthy is another system navigation mode. This is such a small white circle, which the developers called the navigation button. It is also designed to control the smartphone on EMUI. During the testing of the Huawei P30 Pro, I used it for a week and I’ll note that this is just an awesome find. One finger movement on the button provides all control of the smartphone. But still getting used to take time, but it's worth it.

Knuckle Management

I am sure that many of you, having read the subtitle, just wondered. This is really cool and fantastic. Huawei developers have managed to provide their smartphones with a special ability to control their knuckles. True, while the possibilities are limited to a small number of functions, but it is really cool and fantastically convenient. When I tried this method, I wondered why other manufacturers had not used it before.Just think, it is enough to knock the knuckle twice on the screen and immediately receive its screenshot. Moreover, you can select a certain area of the screen with this knuckle, and make a screenshot with the same double tapping. At first, I confess, I took screenshots in a similar way for about half an hour and looked like a sort of boy who found a cool toy. And then completely plunged into the management of the knuckles.Simply double-tap the screen with two knuckles to start or stop recording from the screen. Swipe a knuckle in the center, as if drawing a line, and then divide the screen into two parts.That is now much more convenient to work with one hand. You can also draw symbols with knuckles on the screen, with the help of which applications are launched. For example, drew the letter S - got a long screenshot. Very convenient and simple.

Sensor control Most Interesting Features

But most of all I was pleased with the opportunity to answer incoming calls by simply putting a smartphone to your ear. Yes, the technology is not new, but few will meet it. But how convenient in the cold and in other situations just to get a smartphone, attach it to your ear and so accept an incoming call. In addition, the touch screen will remain cleaner.The screen of the smartphone can be easily activated by simply lifting the device or double tapping on it. In the same way you can turn it off. If you are very busy or at a meeting with the chief, and your smartphone suddenly rang, simply flip the Huawei P30 Pro to turn off the sound of the incoming call melody. It really works and is fun to use.

Digital balance

Have you started to notice that you are increasingly using a smartphone and sometimes you can’t tear yourself away from it? Android 9 has a cool feature called Digital Balance.It will help you solve the above problem. True on devices with "clean" Android Smart Phone, it is disabled by default. In EMUI 9.0, this feature also appeared, already included. Especially "Digital Balance" is useful to those who want to see and control their time using the device. It also helps to set the time limit for using your favorite gadget. This is definitely useful for controlling your child’s smartphone.Thus, you teach him not to use the smart phone before going to bed, to go to bed in time, and not to be late for school or university. Yes, and you just do not hurt to reconsider their time working with the gadget.For example, I was horrified when I saw my statistics, which also told me which application I use more often.Throughout the month, my visits to Facebook and LinkedIn became less and less lengthy Smart Phone. This saved time, and yet, as it turned out, it can be devoted to relatives and friends.

Huawei Share function Most Interesting Features

I am sure that you have already heard or read that using the built-in function of Huawei Share, you can easily exchange files between Huawei and Honor smart phones.But after all, not all the same smartphones of these manufacturers. In addition, we often want to see your favorite photos on a computer monitor, transfer important files from your smartphone to a laptop and vice versa. What are we doing for this? We connect the smartphone to the device using a cable or use the “Your Phone” application on Windows 10. But it turned out that we can connect them using the Huawei Share function Smart Phone.The most interesting thing is that we will not need any wires, just enough for the devices to work on the same network. That is, this function requires Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.When Huawei Share is turned on, Huawei devices nearby will be able to identify yours and share files.Moreover, when you enable the Sharing from PC function, the laptop will also be able to find your device and access files on it. This is just incredible. A couple of minutes and all the files from the smartphone immediately appear on my laptop.I only need to enter the name and password of the device once, and then I can use any files from my smartphone right away on my laptop.

Charging other devices Most Interesting Features

Of course, I could not get past this important function. The Huawei Mate 20 Pro Most Interesting Features was also able to charge other devices before, but in the new flagship the support for the reversible inductive charging function is slightly improved, and the battery capacity is slightly higher.This is really impressive. It is enough to enable the option Wireless charging of other devices in the smartphone settings and you can put another smartphone, smart watches or wireless headphones that support wireless charging on the back panel. Immediately they begin to receive life-giving energy.In addition, both smartphones practically do not heat up. Sometimes it seems that this is some kind of magic, not technology. True, you have to wait a bit Smart Phone, since you can not use any of the devices. But as a fallback, in case of force majeure, it will definitely come in handy. And will help you to surprise friends and others.

Fingerprint scanner on screen Most Interesting Features

Fingerprint, face recognition, or PIN are options to protect access to our phone from unauthorized persons. And if I use the latter very rarely, then the first two are always interchangeable. Everything is connected with the specifics of their operation Most Interesting Features.It is possible that for someone the use of a fingerprint scanner on the screen does not seem very convenient, and he will prefer his counterpart on the body of the smartphone. But believe me, this is until you start using it. Literally on the second day, you begin to understand how convenient such an arrangement is. You do not have to grope scanner on the case, think about how to more accurately hit the fingertips on it. Everything is simple here - on the screen you see an image of a scanner, Most Interesting Features put your finger on it and almost instantly the device will be unlocked. I had some doubts about his work in terms of wet or dirty fingers. But for the fingerprint scanner is not a barrier. It is also worth adding that those who care about the privacy of their data can take advantage of three features that you might like. These are application blocking (access to selected applications and programs after user recognition), protection (selected folders protected by a password) and personal space (define it as a separate account on the phone where you can have completely different applications and programs than on the main one. Access To it is possible, if you attach the appropriate finger to the scanner).[caption id="attachment_329" align="aligncenter" width="700"]Huawei_P30_Pro- Awesome Zoom and Night Shot Huawei_P30_Pro- Awesome Zoom and Night Shot[/caption]Quite a lot has already been written about the amazing photographic possibilities of the new flagship Smart Phone. The company really managed to surprise most experts. I do not want to paint a lot about his cameras, but if anyone is interested, I will pay a few lines. So, let me remind you that Huawei P30 Pro was equipped with a main camera with four modules and one front:
  • 20 megapixel ultra wide 16mm lens (f / 2.2)
  • 40 megapixel wide-angle 27-mm lens with optical image stabilization (f / 1.6)
  • 8 megapixel telephoto lens with optical image stabilization (f / 3.4)
  • TOF lens
  • 32 megapixel front camera (f / 2.0)
Smart Phone Most Interesting Features In this part of my article I want to talk about Smart Phone two amazing features of the flagship camera of Huawei, namely, the updated night mode and a stunning, unimaginable, fantastic zoom. I thought that I had already seen everything in my life after the Huawei P20 Pro, but the capabilities of the Huawei P30 Pro cameras managed to surprise me Huawei P30 Pro Smart Phone.[caption id="attachment_330" align="aligncenter" width="500"]I do not want to talk a lot about the quality of photos at different times of day You can see this for yourself by looking at a selection of several, not afraid of this word, masterpieces created on the Huawei P30 Pro Smart Phone. I do not want to talk a lot about the quality of photos at different times of day You can see this for yourself by looking at a selection of several, not afraid of this word, masterpieces created on the Huawei P30 Pro Smart Phone.[/caption]I want to talk a little about something else. It was not for nothing that at the very beginning I called the hero of my review the King of the night footage. Sometimes it seemed that you had a real professional camera with the most modern filling in your hands. The most interesting thing is that while shooting, sometimes you should not use the “Night” mode, because the quality of photos is already at the highest level. When you turn on the mode, the picture sometimes becomes much brighter than in reality. Apparently, this mode is created a bit for another. Now I will try to explain. It seemed that you had a night vision device in your hands, and not a smartphone. You will not believe it, but the Huawei P30 Pro is capable of making a fairly high-quality photo, even in total darkness. Of course, the quality is lost, but the opportunity itself is impressive. Add to this the ability to shoot fairly high-quality video at night Huawei P30 Pro Smart Phone. But what impressed me most was the full zoom function. Due to the periscope design of the camera, the Huawei P30 Pro offers 5x optical zoom, as well as incredible features of 10x hybrid and 50x digital zoom. It is impossible to explain in words, you need to see in practice. You take a smartphone in your hands and with the help of zoom you make incredibly clear photos.It must be remembered that the fixed focal length (125 mm) makes scaling from 1.1 to 4.9 × digital, and only 5 times virtually lossless. And if I have no doubt that the 5x zoom looks great Most Interesting Features, I can’t say the same about a higher magnification. If with a 10-fold increase you can see a deterioration in the quality and sharpness of photos, then a 50-fold zoom is rather a cunning marketing move. We have to admit that this WoW effect really works. I was convinced of this by one example. I calmly shoot a swan on a pond in our park Smart Phone, which is proudly floating in the middle Huawei P30 Pro Smart Phone.Of course, I use zoom and take a few photos. Smart Phone Behind me are a girl of about 14 and her dad. They clearly noticed what I was doing, because my dad still decided to go and ask what kind of smartphone it was. It turns out that the girl noticed how I photographed a swan with a 5-fold magnification and told my father with enthusiasm. You should have seen the surprised faces of the father and the girl when I showed, with the help of a 50-fold increase, the distinct faces of the visitors on that edge of the lake. It is impossible to convey in words. They were really surprised and dumbfounded. Dad said that having such a smartphone Most Interesting Features, you do not need binoculars. So much for the marketing ploy Most Interesting Features. The function of the full increase is really able to surprise and cause ecstatic feelings Huawei P30 Pro Smart Phone.Most Interesting Features Could not get past the theme of photographing the moon. It's amazing when you realize that you are taking out the shape of the moon, and not a bright spot in the sky Huawei P30 Pro Smart Phone.Now you really begin to understand that Smart Phone the possibilities of mobile photography are at a very high level. Therefore, I believe that precisely because of its photographic capabilities, the Huawei P30 Pro is already worthy of our attention. 

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