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Smartphones Huawei and Honor What will be the future?


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Smartphones Huawei and Honor What will be the future?

Smartphones Huawei and Honor What will be the future?

Smartphones Huawei and Honor What will be the future?  Some time ago, the world community was alarmed by the scandal that occurred between the Chinese company Huawei and the US government Future Huawei. The relations of these parties have already cracked at the seams for quite a while, and even from last year, mobile devices of the technogiant from China have been banned for sale in the United States. The understanding that the case is taking a more serious turn came at a time when, on May 17, Donald Trump signed a document according to which US companies should suspend their cooperation with Huawei Future Huawei. And this, for a moment, such titans of the market as Intel, ARM, Qualcomm and, of course, Google, which was the main supplier of software for gadgets of the Chinese brand.

Such a radical turn was difficult to predict. For many years, Huawei has been trying to break out into one of the leading companies in the smartphone market, and now its position is in an extremely precarious position. Despite the fact that this confrontation is rather of a political nature, it directly affected life and ordinary users. As the well-known Ukrainian saying goes, “pani fight, but at the slaves, chubi try”.

This state of affairs triggered a wave of indignation, and in some cases even panic attacks. After hearing that Huawei phones will no longer support Google services and Android OS in particular, some users (and even small retailers) rushed to “merge” their gadgets for nothing, in order to have time to get rid of “useless” devices with at least some benefit. And those who wanted to get for themselves a new gadget from Huawei or Honor , decided not to rush and wait for the situation to clear up.

But let’s ripen to the root. Huawei is not so simple and helpless (even in such a difficult situation) and panic is pointless here. What is actually happening in the company, and how will this affect ordinary users? Let’s figure it out together.


  • What caused the conflict
  • What will happen to my Huawei / Honor smartphone now?
  • Will Huawei be engaged in the production of mobile gadgets in the future?
  • What OS will future generations of smartphones work on?
  • What we have in the end
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What caused the conflict

What will happen to my Huawei Honor smartphone now?

Huawei and I are better known as a mobile device manufacturer. But this is not the only industry that the company is developing. It is one of the largest manufacturers of telecommunications equipment, which is successfully used by mobile operators around the world. Including in America Smartphones Huawei Honor Future Huawei.

It’s no secret that today the United States and China are in a state of trade hostility. Since Huawei has a direct connection with the Chinese government, for America it was a great excuse to “pull all the dogs off.” The main argument against the company was the accusation that Huawei could use spyware or devices in its telecom equipment, which most American operators work on. And this is a matter of national security.

At the moment it is difficult to say whether these allegations have something in common with reality, or simply banal provocation. But the fact that the company at the official level has become “persona non grata” in America – no doubt about that. Ultimately, this led American software developers and developers to suspend their collaboration with Huawei.

What will happen to my Huawei / Honor smartphone now?



In the light of these events, most users are interested in quite a logical question: “Will my Huawei smartphones / Honor smartphone now become a beautiful but useless“ brick ”without Youtube, Gmail and Android support?”. Looking ahead, we answer in monosyllables – no.

All smartphones of the brand, which have already been sold, will fully receive the available updates and support Google services. Security updates and applications will also be made, both from Google and other developers. That is, nothing will change in the operation of your device. If we talk about whether Huawei gadgets will upgrade to the 10th version of Android (Android Q), then most likely not. And the devices that will be released next year can be released not on Android anymore. But let’s talk about this further.

The same applies to previously produced smartphones, which are currently on sale or in warehouses of retailers around the world. They work out of the box on the Google operating system with the support of all the services of the “corporation of good”, and, accordingly, will continue their work in this mode and beyond. Even if you want to “roll back” your gadget to the factory settings, in this case it will still work on Android. In addition, Huawei guarantees full service support for all previously released smartphones and tablets .

Will Huawei / Honor be engaged in the production of mobile gadgets in the future?

Despite this conflict and the serious losses that the company incurs due to the new US policy, Huawei has no reason to stop developing the direction of mobile devices. Future Huawei And largely due to the fact that the company not only used the developments of its American partners, but all this time it worked hard to create its own. The brand has a sufficient material and technical base in order to become a fully independent company in the future, in which the full production cycle is controlled – from the creation of elements to the assembly of the finished product. And this already opens up fundamentally new perspectives for it. And, who knows, maybe it is the conflict with America that will further bring the brand to a new level.

What OS will future generations of smartphones work on?

While it is difficult to talk about how and on what the next Huawei smartphones will work, with complete confidence. However, you can be sure that the company will make the most sensible decision for themselves and their users. So far, several further development scenarios are obvious.

First, the company can still use Android, since Smartphones Huawei Honor has a license for all current versions of this OS. Maybe, but it is unlikely to be. This is due to the fact that the software is constantly undergoing changes, and also tends to become obsolete, so the company will hardly agree that its devices will quickly lose their relevance without the possibility of using more recent versions of the operating system. In addition, new Huawei smartphones on Android will not be able to have Google services by default. Yes, they can be installed without problems and manually, but for users it will look at least strange and inconvenient. Future Smartphones Huawei Honor The company values ​​its reputation too much to lose face in the eyes of its product fans. Huawei smartphones.

Secondly, Huawei and Honor can switch to Baidu OS, which enjoys an enviable popularity in China. This operating system runs on Android, but, anyway, is independent. Such a decision will only allow the company to strengthen its position in the home market, but for the rest of the world, the “internal” OS is unlikely to be convenient and will be just as popular.

And finally, Smartphones Huawei Honor can create its own operating system . The company will not have to work from scratch, since the development of the operating system has been underway for more than one year. Work on a proprietary operating system began even when the company had just begun to enter the international market. But all this time, the development was in a “sleep” mode, as then she made a bet on Android, in order to adapt to the conditions dictated by competitors in this industry, and quickly occupy its niche. Since last year, Huawei has stepped up the development of its OS, the reason for which was the impending conflict with the United States. So the company spread a straw and probably was ready for any turn Smartphones Huawei Honor.

What we have in the end

What we have in the end

What we have in the end

Huawei smartphones and its subsidiary brand Honor are waiting for a lot of changes in the near future, but this doesn’t make their future vague. The company will continue to work on creating new and very competitive gadgets, and it can be assumed that this crisis may become a new starting point for the brand. Now, when the “crutches” in the form of monopolists of the software market and component manufacturers have disappeared, the company will have to push to become more self-sufficient. And she has every chance of it.

As for ordinary users, like us with you, we have nothing to worry about. Devices will continue to work the same as before, and serve us for years. If we talk about those gadgets that will be produced by the brand in the future, it is still too early to make definitive conclusions. The company will continue to develop and manufacture new devices, and perhaps even wipe the nose of its main competitors – Apple and Samsung Smartphones Huawei Honor.

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