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    Samsung Galaxy Watch Active Review

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    Samsung Galaxy Watch Active Review

    Samsung Galaxy Watch Active Review

    Samsung Galaxy watch active review amazing best price. If you are looking for elegant and lightweight smart watches that will look better on your wrist than a fitness bracelet, then Samsung has something for you: a completely new Galaxy Watch Active.

    The popularity of smart watches is growing

    I will not reveal a big secret if I say that now we can observe a peculiar boom on wearable devices. I live in a big city and began to notice recently that very rarely I see classic watches in the hands of my acquaintances, passers-by on the street. Someone wears a fitness bracelet, someone is a smart watch. And I understand them, because such devices will not only show time, but will also monitor their health, help with jogging in the park or walking on a bicycle . In this case, you will not miss an important call and see all your messages, even without getting a smartphone. A few decades ago, such a picture could have been the plot of a fantastic film, but this is our reality samsung galaxy watch best buy.

    galaxy watch price

    galaxy watch price

    Every year for a number of years, Samsung has launched a smart watch for fitness. Accordingly, every year they seem to be getting closer and closer to choosing the right combination of features and prices. But every time they lack something. But with the release in 2019 of the Galaxy Watch Active, the situation seems to change. After all, the company managed to produce the most fully-featured watches today, focused on sports, fitness and an active lifestyle. It’s safe to say that the Galaxy Watch Active is a good Samsung application for a cheaper smart watch with a focus on healthy living, entertainment and learning.
    Equipped with Samsung’s best price own Tizen operating system, the watch has a minimalist design. Galaxy Watch Active is equipped with built-in GPS to track your workouts outdoors, store music and play via Bluetooth, as well as an optical heart rate sensor that allows you to monitor not only workouts, but also the general state during the day.
    Compact and more elegant than the previous Galaxy Watch , the new Samsung watch dreams of becoming the same for Android as the Apple Watch for iOS. But will they be able to achieve their goal? I spent with the gadget for almost a month and now I will try to share my opinion about them and also give an answer to this question.

    Specifications in best price

    Type of Smart watch
    iOS +
    Android +
    operating system Tizen
    Inbound Event Notifications +
    Handsfree function
    Listening to music +
    Types of physical activity run, bike, swimming
    Heart rate monitor + (optical)
    Counting steps +
    Step counting +
    Sleep tracking +
    Display type AMOLED
    Display form round
    Diagonal 1.1
    Resolution 360 × 360
    Sensory +
    Sizes, mm 39.5 × 39.5 × 10.5
    Body material plastic / metal
    Body color the black
    Dust / moisture protection + (IP68 + MIL-STD-810G)
    Mass, g (with a strap), (without strap) 45, 25
    Sizes, mm width: 20 mm
    Strap material rubber
    Strap color the black
    Removable +
    Battery type built
    Capacity, mAh 230
    CPU Exynos 9110
    RAM size, GB 0.768
    Internal memory, GB four
    SIM card slot four
    Speaker no data
    Microphone no data
    Bluetooth +
    Wi-Fi +
    NFC +
    GPS +
    Still accelerometer, barometer, gyroscope, light sensor

    What is in the package with best price?

    The watch comes in a small stylistically designed package, opening which you will find the watch itself, a round charger, something like an Apple Watch charger, with a magnetic mount, part of an additional smaller or larger strap, as well as pieces of paper with settings instructions. Someone will say why it is needed, but believe me, there are still people who out of habit will use this instruction.

    What is in the package?

    What is in the package?

    In general, the usual, standard set for smart watches from Samsung.

    Galaxy Watch Active Design: Small and Light

    Samsung Galaxy Watch Active differently “approached” to the smart watch, unlike competitors. The new gadget is compact and weighs only 25 g (45 g case with a strap). Watch strap of soft rubber, and with such a small weight you will not notice them on your wrist. It is incredibly convenient. For comparison, the Apple Watch and the Huawei Watch GT are bigger and heavier. And the dimensions – 39.5 × 39.5 × 10.5 mm – suggest that the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active is a sportier version of the Galaxy Watch, offering a smaller, neat and lightweight design.
    The watch is minimalist and has a nice round screen. The edge around the screen is quite large, but the most important thing is that they do not have the classic for Samsung watches and amazingly convenient, as for me, rotating ring for comfortable navigation through the user interface. The company immediately noted that the new watch has a small physical size, so there was simply no room for the bezel. Instead, all navigation takes place right on the small screen.
    Despite the small weight, the watch looks good. The body is made of aluminum, and the screen is protected by Gorilla Glass. In addition, the case of the Galaxy Watch Active has IP68 and MIL-STD-810G protection. This means that you can safely walk in the rain, wash your face, take a shower and even swim in the pool without taking off the clock, as the water will not get inside. Smart watches can withstand pressure up to 5 atmospheres, but I would not recommend diving with them to a great depth.



    At the bottom of the clock you can see the heart rate monitor. He also boasts that he is able to control the level of stress and, possibly, to offer special breathing exercises, which consist of controlled inhalation and exhalation. I have tried this feature several times, and I must admit that it is useful and can be useful to someone in stressful situations.
    I really liked the fact that the two physical buttons are quite easy to grope and press. This is despite the fact that they only slightly protrude beyond the edges of the case. This is especially comfortable during workouts, for example, when performing exercises for push-ups. Both buttons are located on the right side and are slightly different. So, the top button “Back” has a convex, smooth surface, and the bottom – “Home / Power” with a matte finish.
    Right above them, we find a pair of microphone holes that can be used to dictate text. It will also inform you of any vibrations that you can adjust for any warnings. The power of the vibration motor is strong enough to wake you up.
    Samsung Galaxy Watch Active Review I will express my subjective opinion if I say that the design of the Galaxy Watch Active is almost perfect. Now the watch will look great not only on the men’s wrist, but also on the thin female. Besides with the coloring of Samsung, too, guessed right. The watch is available in four colors: black satin, silvery ice, sea depth and delicate powder.



    Are silicone straps comfortable?

    Samsung Galaxy Watch Active Review One of the main criteria for using smart watches is whether it is comfortable to wear them. Can they have many features and capabilities, but at the same time be very uncomfortable. Not least this applies to the watch straps.
    When I first put on the Galaxy Watch Active at hand, I noted for myself that the strap is quite soft and flexible, besides it is pleasant to the touch, which is good for my skin. Although it is silicone, but for a month socks watches no irritation, discomfort.
    In addition, the strap has a standard fastening on the spoke and a fairly common width of 20 mm, so that there will be no problems with the purchase and replacement of the strap with another one. But, as for me, it is silicone that is the best choice, given the sporting focus of the Galaxy Watch Active.
    I do not think that the leather strap can withstand swimming in the pool, it is necessary to change every time. Although you decide.
    It is also worth mentioning the closure of the watch. We are used to the fact that most models use a special gimbal to prevent the end of the strap from sticking up, not to cling to clothing and corners.
    Here it is almost none. In the strap there is a small hole in which and pushing its tip. This is very convenient, although at first it is somehow unusual.

    Display: beautiful, but with a frame

    The Samsung Galaxy Watch Active round touchscreen is 1.1 inches wide and uses AMOLED technology. The resolution is 360 × 360 pixels, that is, absolutely the same as the previous models of the Samsung Galaxy Watch. This means that the novelty has the highest density of dots per inch among Samsung smart watches.
    This resolution is quite enough to enjoy beautiful colors, excellent viewing angles and almost trouble-free legibility in the sun. I write “almost”, because in some cases I found that the maximum brightness in automatic mode is not enough intensity.
    But in fact it is easy to adjust by manually raising the brightness level. On the other hand, too light dials can be a little uncomfortable for the eyes when night falls. I would recommend to choose a dial in dark colors, good, the choice is huge.
    The only thing I didn’t like was a bit, it’s a bit thicker. True, I got used to them in a few days. As in the case of the Galaxy Watch, black pixels are used here completely, because the entire interface is darkened. Therefore, over time, I did not even notice the framework.
    What pleased me is the enhanced protection of Corning Gorilla Glass 3 and how comfortable the watch is. With the size of the icons on the display I had no problems. However, if your fingers are excessively thick, then you should consider buying a watch.
    Fortunately, the touch response was lightning fast, and the finger glided pleasantly across the display. I quickly got used to the absence of a rotating rim and learned how to control gestures. Pleased with the presence of the mode “Always on”, which allows you to display the clock and some notifications on the off screen. Still, do not forget that this is a clock, and every time to wake them up is also not convenient. Samsung Galaxy Watch Active Review Yes, this feature will reduce the autonomy, but comfortable. There is also a special “Water lock” mode to prevent unwanted reactions to the touch screen when you shower or swim with amazing best price.

    System and performance: a healthy system with healthy equipment

    Good stuffing

    Samsung Galaxy Watch Active is equipped with a dual-core Exynos 9110 processor with a frequency of 1.15 GHz, supplemented by 768 MB of RAM and 4 GB of internal memory. But it is worth noting that for storing your photos and music, you will only have a little more than 1.5 GB available.
    You can download files with your favorite music or personal photos only from your smartphone, using the Galaxy Wearable application. Alas, you cannot download from a laptop or desktop PC. Also remember that the watch only supports MP3 format for music tracks.
    Watches are running their own operating system for watches Tizen OS 4.0.
    This is Samsung’s patented solution, which we saw in previous models of the South Korean manufacturer. Is this the right solution? Maybe you should use Android Wear? One thing I can say for sure: Tizen is user-friendly and has many editing options.

    How to set the clock?

    You can set up pairing with your smartphone using the Galaxy Wearable application. It will have to download if the phone is not from Samsung. The whole process takes a couple of minutes and is not particularly complicated, so you do not want to paint it strongly. I am sure that even inexperienced users will cope with the task.
    A bit about the Galaxy Wearable app itself. It is quite understandable and informative. With this program you can install various dials, applications, as well as updates for the watches themselves.
    True, the same can be done from the clock, but it is still more convenient to work on the big screen of a smartphone than on a small display. But, as an option, to control the same charge level of the clock, with free memory, the application is quite useful for them.

    Is it convenient to use them best price?

    Learning how to use the watch is quite simple, and a lot is explained when you first start it.
    By swiping your finger to the right, you can access notifications. Here you can open them by clicking on the message itself or erase them by swiping up best price.
    But back to the main screen. From there, left-click to move between applications and widgets,
    In addition, to avoid having to do everything through the touch screen, you have two buttons on the right side. The upper key returns to the previous page, and the lower one is used to return to the main page.
    At any time, with a top-down swipe, you can drop the shortcut bar to access general settings, notifications, or Bluetooth. There is also an opportunity to disable the touch screen recognition function in order not to worry about water, or to launch an option that will help you find your smartphone by calling.
    Putting your palm on the clock screen, you can also put it on standby. Perhaps I’m a bit complicated describing everything, but these gestures are really intuitive in Tizen OS. You will appreciate the beautiful aesthetic harmony between the interface of the watch and the shell One UI, which promotes the latest smartphones from Samsung .
    After taking a tour of the Galaxy Store, you will find a wide range of applications of all kinds. You can enjoy YouTube, as well as a web browser, several sports tracking services, Spotify, a flashlight, games or the Google Maps navigation platform that will help you find the right path during the route.

    From wireless interfaces you will be available Bluetooth 4.2, Wi-Fi 802.11n. Support for NFC technology will provide fast pairing with a smartphone or serve as a contactless payment, but only Samsung Pay is supported, which does not work in Ukraine yet best price.
    SMS, WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram. Messenger … Samsung Galaxy Watch Active can easily receive notifications or messages to which you can immediately respond using preset answers customized to suit your needs. You can also dictate an answer instead of writing, but unfortunately, without the support of Russian or Ukrainian languages. But you cannot make calls with the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active, only reject, and at the same time send a message with the prepared text. The clock works with almost any smartphone on Android 4.4 and above, as well as with devices on iOS best price.
    Keep in mind that received notifications cause small vibrations around your wrist. You can, of course, turn them off, but they are fairly well dosed.

    Activity tracking

    Heart rate monitor, sleep tracking, GPS, accelerometer … The Samsung Galaxy Watch Active is well equipped to analyze your physical activity. The device makes itself felt as soon as you have been walking, jogging or cycling for a long time with best price.
    The clock does not take long. A positive moment is always present at the end of the exercise. Indeed, regardless of the intensity of your efforts, you will be rewarded with a brief greeting text. Some will see best price some form of hypocrisy in this, others will feel more motivated to improve themselves.
    Personally, I rather am part of a second group of people. So, getting a similar message, I always wanted to do a few more bends or squats.
    In addition, when you sit for too long at a computer or on a sofa, Galaxy Watch Active send you a notification with a short exercise.
    With the help of Samsung Health widgets, developed in South Korea, a sports application, you can practice your workouts to see the time spent on effort, calories burned, pulse rate.
    Depending on achievements, you will receive badges for climbing so many floors, breaking so many kilometers, breaking such a record, etc. The idea here is also to send very positive waves and stimulate you.
    Please note that Samsung Health can also be installed on your smartphone from the Play Store, if the device is from Samsung, then the application is already installed. With it, you can get information about your recent actions directly on the screen of your smartphone. The app also collects data about your sleep pattern, level of stress and heart rate.
    As mentioned above, Galaxy Watch Active can adjust the user’s stress level by offering breathing exercises.
    Functional classical: the blue rosette “grows” and decreases, and you have to inhale and exhale simultaneously best price.
    As for the function of tracking sleep, it is activated automatically and accurately determines the period during which you are in the arms of Morpheus. This feature will provide you with several details about the different phases of rest.

    The ideal smart watch for sports?

    If you are looking for a smart watch for sports, the Galaxy Watch Active is almost the perfect assistant. The watch is IP68 certified and durable according to the military standard MIL-STD-810G. You will also quickly appreciate their compact size and low weight. Samsung Galaxy Watch Active offer support for a variety of sports that can be monitored, such as swimming, running, circuit training, and less common – yoga.
    Have you decided to go in for sports and live an active lifestyle? Then you can get direct access to the training part on various dials to get started quickly. It is remembered which exercise you performed the last time, so you do not need to scroll through the entire list with best price.
    Let me remind you that the watch also includes GPS, Galileo and GLONASS, so that they can measure your route during training. For example, in the case of running, you will receive information not only about the distance traveled, but also a detailed representation of your route on the map. You will also learn about the site that ran the fastest, even about the weather that was at that moment. In addition, it is possible to use clear graphics to get information about your heart rate, speed, climb or cadence.
    Running statistics are also very detailed. In addition to the information described above, you will also find out how many calories you burned, get information about the average and maximum heart rate.
    In the gym, during fitness, jogging or swimming Galaxy Watch Active constantly monitors your activity and monitor your health. If the pulse suddenly increased, you will be immediately notified by an alarm signal.
    Samsung Galaxy Watch Active cannot replace full-fledged training hours, such as Garmin , but this is a good alternative for an ordinary athlete best price.

    Autonomy could be better in best price?

    Galaxy Watch Active with its slim case could hardly count on a capacious battery, so we had to be content with a 230 mAh battery. For comparison, the previous version of the Galaxy Watch smart watch boasts a 472 mAh battery.
    Using the supplied charger in the form of a kind of washer, I charged the battery from 0 to 100% in about two hours. This is unacceptable for a long time. There is one more not very pleasant nuance. Once my Galaxy Watch Active was completely dead, turned off. Of course, I put them on charge. Before going to work, I remove the Galaxy Watch Active from the charger, put it on my hand and I understand that they are turned off. That is, during charging, they did not turn on themselves. I had to wait a few minutes to turn everything on.
    But the new Galaxy Watch Active has an advantage over its predecessors. The fact is that they have support for wireless charging. In other words, if you have a Samsung Galaxy S10 / S10 + , you can safely put the clock on the back of your smartphone to charge it in best price.
    Now about autonomy. If the previous Galaxy Watch could easily work for about 5 days without recharging, then the Galaxy Watch Active was barely enough for two days. For comparison, the Huawei Watch GT can work for almost two weeks.
    However, I’m not complaining about the autonomy of new items. All this time, my heart rate and sleep meter, display brightness, Bluetooth and GPS were turned on, and I used sports modes several times a day.
    Therefore, if you need a smart watch with good autonomy, then this is clearly not the Galaxy Watch Active. Although, I would have sacrificed it for the sake of the functionality of the hero of our Samsung Galaxy Watch Active.

    Are there any competitors?

    A very interesting alternative Samsung Galaxy Watch Active Review could be the older Samsung Gear Sport watches , which offer an AMOLED display a tenth of an inch more and a swivel ring. The watch works the same way as the Galaxy Watch Active, on the good old Tizen operating system, which allows you to install almost the same applications as on the Galaxy Watch Active. But they are still a little more expensive. Well, and girls, undoubtedly, can be discouraged by a little big size Samsung Gear Sport.
    There is also Honor Watch Magic , which boasts a slightly larger screen with a lower resolution and a nice design. You will also be delighted with the rich range of sports opportunities or doubling of power per charge. Unfortunately, the clock has a rather limited LiteOS operating system with which applications cannot be installed, which is a serious drawback. But the choice will still be yours.

    As a result, it is difficult to find flaws

    And indeed it is. The new watches from Samsung almost seem ideal for those who love elegant, beautiful gadgets, but lead an active lifestyle. Samsung Galaxy Watch Active Review they look decent, you can say prestigious, have a high-quality display, a well-functioning operating system and countless sports functions. And last but not least: it is worth noting that they are sold at a relatively competitive price of 6,999 UAH. The disadvantage, especially for users of previous models from Samsung, may be the absence of a rotating bezel, but this can definitely be reconciled. Many will not like the impossibility of choosing between the larger and the smaller model. Someone will not like the autonomy of the watch, but definitely will not disappoint the functionality.
    At the end, we note that Samsung in the Galaxy Watch Active best price takes as its basis the beautiful design of the classic Galaxy Watch, removes some features in favor of a more “cute” and more “soft” price, and, as a result, gets a very successful product.
    If you are looking for a thin, elegant smart watch for sports, then the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active Review best price will definitely suit you. Especially for those who did not have experience with such a gadget, but would like to buy, a new watch from Samsung is a great choice.

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