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Samsung Galaxy A70 Review Bigger More Powerful Stronger

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Samsung Galaxy A70 Review Bigger More Powerful Stronger

Samsung Galaxy A70 Review Bigger More Powerful Stronger

Samsung Galaxy A70 Review. With a large, bright and impressive Super AMOLED display, smooth and reliable software, as well as a triple camera and a capacious battery, the Samsung Galaxy A70 has every chance of success.


  • Samsung attacks on all fronts
  • Specifications
  • What is interesting Samsung Galaxy A70?
  • Conservative design in the rainbow
  • Ports and connectors
  • Display: AMOLED, of course
  • Fingerprint scanner in the screen
  • Sound: alas, without stereo
  • Camera
  • Performance and software
  • And what about autonomy?
  • Should I buy the Samsung Galaxy A70?

Samsung attacks on all fronts

If you followed Samsung until 2018, you should remember how confusing their lineup was: the S, Note, J, On, Next, Grand series and, possibly, a couple, each with three new models each season. Users and experts have just begged them to restore order in this plan and were finally heard. The Korean company in 2019 decided to make drastic changes in the classification of its smartphones. The flagships can still be divided into two series: S and Note, as well as new series A and M. Everything started well, but it seems that again there were too many devices with a slight difference between them. The fact is that some M-series smartphones overlap the A-series. Is confusion and confusion again? We hope that the company will be able to restore order.

In addition, the problem was added in the form of Chinese manufacturers, who did their best to force out Koreans from all price segments. Naturally, Samsung had to somehow respond to this situation. And she responded very worthily, for several months completely flooded the market with smartphones, which took their place in each price segment, enabling Samsung to earn quite good money.

Especially in this regard, the updated version of the Galaxy A series, which helped the Korean company to adequately accept the challenge and fight off Xiaomi, Huawei, Oppo, Vivo and even OnePlus, succeeded . As the main weapon, Samsung uses gorgeous displays that were once reserved for flagships. And this tactic is paying off, as the A-series devices really made everyone realize that Samsung is serious.

In the past, Samsung Galaxy A series phones were known as devices from the mid-price category. Shortly after the appearance of Chinese manufacturers who offered much more features for much less money, the Galaxy A series began to lose its popularity all over the world. Will the Koreans be able to regain lost ground? This question is now worrying not only the manufacturer, but also ardent fans of Samsung.

I already had the opportunity to test this Galaxy A30 series. This is a device worthy of attention, but something was missing in it, I wanted something more. And this does not apply to the size of the smartphone. Although the Korean company recently appeared a smartphone just a large size. This is a Samsung Galaxy A70. This giant is amazing in its size. And when it became possible to take this smartphone for a test, I gladly agreed.

We begin, first of all, with its technical characteristics, and then we will try to understand the intricacies of its design, capabilities and advantages.


Type of Smartphone
Pre-installed OS Android 9.0 (Pie)
Built-in memory, GB 128
Expansion slot microSD (up to 512 GB)
SIM card type Nano-sim
The number of SIM-cards 2
CPU Qualcomm Snapdragon 675 + Adreno 610
Number of Cores eight
Frequency, GHz 4 × 2.0 + 4 × 1.7
Accumulator battery Li-Pol, 4500 mAh (non-removable)
Opening hours (manufacturer data) no data
Diagonal inches 6.7
Resolution 2400 × 1080
Matrix type Super AMOLED
PPI 393
Dimming sensor +
Other display with cut-drop
Main camera, MP 32 (f / 1.7) + 8 (f / 2.2) + 5 (f / 2.2)
Videography 3840 × 2160 (40 fps)
Flash +
Front camera, MP 32 (f / 2.0)
Other 123 ° Ultra-wide revolutionary lens
High speed data transfer GPRS / EDGE / UMTS / HSPA + / LTE Cat 12
Wi-Fi 802.11 a / b / g / n / a (Dual band)
Bluetooth 5.0
GPS + (Glonass, Beidou, Galileo)
FM radio +
Audio jack +
Interface connector USB 2.0 (Type-C)
Sizes, mm 164.3 × 76.7 × 7.9
Mass, g 170
Dust and moisture protection
Type of shell monoblock (not folding)
Body material plastic
Keyboard type screen input
Still frameless screen, fingerprint screen sensor, fast charging

Samsung Galaxy A70 Official Specs & Retail Price

What is interesting Samsung Galaxy A70?

When you first take a smartphone in hand, you begin to understand how huge it is. But after having spent several days with the Samsung Galaxy A70 Review , I realized that this is only one item in the treasury of the advantages of this device. The advantages can also be attributed to the high-quality 6.7-inch Super AMOLED Infinity-U display, the new OneUI interface developed on the basis of Android 9 Pie, three fairly high-quality main cameras, the new Snapdragon 675 processor, although it is mid-level, as well as a powerful rechargeable 4500 mAh battery.

Galaxy A70

Galaxy A70

Of course, the Samsung Galaxy A70 Review will appeal to fans of large smartphones, as well as those who are not ready to spend money on the flagship, but want to have a quality device that is fast, with a good camera and a capacious battery.

But is it enough to justify its price in the mainstream segment, where there is very high competition? In this review, try to understand it a little bit.

Conservative design in the rainbow

Conservative design in the rainbow

Conservative design in the rainbow

The offensive of Samsung this year in all areas of the middle class can be considered literally devastating. Her smartphones really look good and can do a lot. The same can be said about the hero of our review. The Galaxy A70 is more like a larger version of the Galaxy A50 . Both smartphones look quite identical thanks to a waterproof display without a front panel and a curved glossy back panel.

So, the design is quite classic and familiar, but, nevertheless, the smartphone is comfortable and beautiful. We can say that the Galaxy A70 is a kind of “big brother” or “plus” version of the Galaxy A50. It is available in black , blue , white and coral colors, and the back side has a special color effect, which may impress someone.

The easiest way to describe it is to compare it with a rainbow created by an oil stain on the surface of a puddle. Appearance is definitely not for everyone, and it’s a bit “too” for my taste, but this effect is minimal if you choose blue or coral. A blue smartphone came to me for review and under the direct rays of the sun this overflow was most noticeable.

The entire front of the Galaxy A70 basically takes a huge display. I admit that Samsung has succeeded in offering a surprisingly large and exciting display from which you cannot take your eyes off. And all thanks to the reduced frame around the screen and chin, which is really minimized. Is that a drop-shaped notch at the top stands out a bit against the general background. But it is also very neat and does not spoil the overall impression of the front panel.

The curved back 3D panel allows you to comfortably hold the device in your hand, given that this is a large and wide smartphone. At the back there is only Samsung branded inscription in the center and a triple camera with LED-backlit, which is located vertically in the left corner. The camera module itself is quite recessed into the body, which makes it stable on a flat surface. There is no fingerprint scanner on the back. The Galaxy A70 placed it under the screen. I will tell about his work a little later.

The body itself is made of fiberglass, which the company calls 3D Glasstic. If you do not know, then visually you can take it for glass. The use of such material also has its positive aspects. It is less scratched, although fingerprints remain almost instantly, but they are easy to erase. Do not misunderstand me, but the use of plastic, albeit of very high quality, is not exactly what the user expects when buying this smartphone Samsung Galaxy A70 Review. I’m not talking about competitors who have been using better materials for a long time in smartphones of this price category. But most of all I am disappointed by the lack of full waterproofness and wireless charging, which is technically possible depending on the materials used.

Samsung Galaxy A70 Review

Samsung Galaxy A70 Review

Despite the large size, the smartphone is surprisingly light and weighs only 183 g, which allows you to hold it in your hands for a long time. But it’s almost impossible to control with one hand anyway You will have to use your second hand to reach the desired part of the display or case. Yes, and in his pocket especially not put, unless, of course, do not sew for this special. This does not mean that the smartphone is inconvenient to use, but it still takes some time to get used to.

There are no complaints to the assembly itself. Everything fits, does not creak, does not play. The smartphone looks solid. Perhaps, someone will be confused by the quality of the case materials, but this is already a matter of taste. Polycarbonate also has a lot of positives, so you have to put up with it Samsung Galaxy A70 Review.

Ports and connectors

Ports and connectors

Ports and connectors

When you hold such a big smartphone like the Samsung Galaxy A70 Review, you always think: will it be convenient to use it? Are the control buttons too high? But all fear is in vain. To my surprise, the buttons are within reach of the thumb.

On the right side, there is a familiar volume control button, and on / off button just below. They protrude slightly from the body, but with a very good move. Pushing on them is a pleasure, especially for the volume rocker.

The left side is almost empty, except for an extended slot for two nanoSIM cards and a microSD memory card up to 512 GB. Indeed, the developers of the Korean company have tried their best. Agree that sometimes you do not want to lose one SIM-card for the Samsung Galaxy A70 Review sake of a memory card. And here such sacrifices come to nothing. In addition, there is no Bixby button, as in most Samsung flagships. The voice assistant may be useful for Korean users, but it is meaningless for our country. The button can be reassigned, but few will do that. In addition, Bixby can be easily, if desired, run from a special application.

The lower end is more full. Here, in addition to another conversational microphone, you will find a rather loud multimedia speaker, a USB Type-C port that can be used to charge a smartphone, and a standard 3.5 mm jack for connecting wired headphones. Samsung has not yet decided to remove the mini-jack in the Galaxy A series. For what she will say “thank you” most buyers.

Display: AMOLED, of course

Frankly, I would be unpleasantly surprised if I found out that the Samsung A-series smartphone in 2019 had no AMOLED display. Fortunately, the Samsung Galaxy A70 Review will surely please you, albeit with a large 6.7-inch, but Super AMOLED-screen, which received Full HD + resolution of 2400 × 1080 pixels. It has an unusual aspect ratio – 20: 9, slightly elongated upwards.

Finally, in terms of display density, the Samsung Galaxy A70 Review boasts 393 pixels per inch. This figure is slightly lower than most smartphones in this price category, as a rule, they are above 400, but more than enough for classic everyday use.

The display is almost perfect for such a large panel, the resolution of Full HD + is more than enough, excellent color rendition and excellent readability. When used, the smartphone offers a beautiful screen with a color temperature that is not too blue in the “natural” default configuration. Also, he will give you a very good maximum brightness, which will help to cope with the direct rays of the sun on the street.

The display itself is protected by high-quality and durable Gorilla Glass 3. As I wrote above, there is a drop-like cutout at the top of the display, which is fairly easy to hide using smartphone settings, if you are opposed to any distortions in the form of cutouts, mono-brows, etc.

As usual, we have two modes of using the display: natural and bright. When using the default natural mode, we can measure the endless contrast Samsung Galaxy A70 Review, maximum brightness at 516 cd / m² and, above all, a very good white balance with color temperature measured at 6701K.

The number is very close to the 6500K of white light emitted by the sun. The range of colors is limited by the sRGB spectrum.

When you turn on the bright mode, the smartphone manages to display more colors, approaching the DCIP3 space. However, the color temperature is colder by 7093K. It will be necessary to choose warmer colors in order to find a more correct temperature and limit blue light.

The screen is just great and amazing when it comes to watching video content. It is beyond words. The image is clear, rich in various colors and shades. And playing many games on the large Samsung Galaxy A70 Review display is simply a pleasure. It seems that you have in your hands a good tablet with a high-quality display. Still, SuperAMOLED is a godsend for smartphones with large screens.

Fingerprint scanner in the screen

It seems that the company decided that it was necessary to continue to experiment with fingerprint scanners located directly in the screen of the smartphone. We saw this idea in all three flagships of the Samsung Galaxy S10 . By the way, there ultrasonic type scanner works very well. What can not be said about the fingerprint sensor in the Galaxy A70. Let’s start with the fact that it is located, in my opinion, quite low, which is not very convenient to use.

I had to constantly twist my finger. Of course, you can get used to it over time, but is it worth it? The fact is that I have even more questions to trigger the scanner itself. I very rarely managed to unlock a smartphone from the first time. It doesn’t matter if my fingers were wet or dry, I had to click on a selected area of the scanner below several times. In order to finally achieve the desired, you had to press hard on the scanner. Then really unlocking was successful, but, again, not the first time.

In the end, I still switched to my favorite face unlock feature. I never had problems with her, except in complete darkness.

Sound: alas, without stereo

To play music, the Samsung Galaxy A70 Review has only one mono speaker located below the screen. Alas, the stereo is not here. But from this smartphone does not sound very bad. But the very high-quality sound of the built-in speaker to call the language does not turn. It is loud, but a bit dry, muffled, not always clean.

Nevertheless, the Samsung smartphone really benefits from the remaining headphone jack, located at the bottom, to the left of USB-C. Fans of wired headsets and headphones will definitely be happy about this. In addition, in the Galaxy A70 you have the opportunity to connect a wireless headset via Bluetooth 5.0. And also take advantage of the aptX, aptX HD and LDAC codecs.

Galaxy A70 also has many options in the advanced sound settings of the smartphone. By selecting “Sound quality and effects”, you can access the Dolby Atmos mode available for listening via a wired connection or Bluetooth. It will help to simulate the effect of surround sound. You can also use a nine-band equalizer with five presets compatible with speakers , wired headphones, or Bluetooth.

n interesting option is the ability to “Adapt the sound.” That is, you can set your age and adapt the sound accordingly. Thus, the mode will enhance the higher frequencies that we lose with age.


As you would expect, the Galaxy A70 was equipped with a triple camera module, which includes a 32-megapixel f / 1.7 aperture main camera, an ultra wide-angle 8-megapixel f / 2.2 aperture and a 5-megapixel depth camera.

This is a pretty standard setting for Samsung this year. The triple camera system offers some versatility, and the camera application is simple enough that even beginners can get used in minutes.

The Galaxy A70 camera holds up well in most lighting conditions. In daylight, the main camera can take very detailed photos with excellent colors and contrast. True, the dynamic range could be better, and the scene optimizer is sometimes unreliable. But the photos are always pretty good.

The ultra-wide-angle camera also works great in daylight, allowing you to squeeze into the frame. This is very convenient if you are viewing a wide or tall structure, as well as if you want to rent a large group of people. At night, in a well-lit area, the wide f / 1.7 aperture of the main camera is well suited for receiving more light, so pictures will look bright and clear. The noise level is quite low, especially if the scene recognition detects that you are in low light conditions. In such conditions, wide-angle shots also look decent, although you will notice a lot more noise than the main camera.

Unfortunately, the Samsung Galaxy A70 Review does not have a special long exposure mode for extreme shooting in low light. Although competitors are already doing it all.

The 5 MP depth sensor is triggered when taking portrait shots. Detection of edges is decent when shooting in daylight, but in low light bokeh does not look very good. 5 megapixel camera does not provide the best resolution, so you will notice the lack of sharpness and detail in Live Focus mode.

We have not mentioned the front camera yet. It has a very high resolution of 32 megapixels and will definitely not disappoint you. Beauty mode is enabled by default, which smoothes facial features a bit more than we would like. Therefore, I recommend to disable it, though, as you like. When it comes to taking selfies in artificial light indoors or in low light, the photos look soft and devoid of detail. The selfie camera also comes with Live Focus and wide-angle mode, which should be useful for group selfies.

The video on the Galaxy A70 looks bright and clear when shooting in daylight, although the lack of image stabilization will cause some shivering if you shoot without a tripod. You can switch to an ultra wide-angle camera and for video, which can be useful if you want to record widescreen scenes. Galaxy A70 is also capable of shooting video with super slowdowns up to 960 fps and 720p resolution. It works very well during the daytime, but the quality in the room and in low light is largely lost.

Galaxy A70 works on the new dual-core Snapdragon 675 chipset with a clock speed of 2.0 GHz in combination with 6 GB of RAM Samsung Galaxy A70 Review

Unlike the Galaxy A80 , the Samsung Galaxy A70 Review provides the ability to expand up to 512 GB with a microSD card. The Qualcomm chipset helps the Samsung Galaxy A70 Review run smoothly without slowing down. The smartphone very quickly opens and loads applications thanks to fast and smooth animation.

Considering the price of the device, the Snapdragon 675 chipset certainly doesn’t sound very impressive. But still it is a very powerful chipset. He can easily cope with everyday tasks such as messaging, viewing social networks and more. The smartphone never failed me during testing. But when it comes to games like PUBG and the like, with medium settings you will not have any problems. However, at higher graphics settings, you will notice a random stutter at a high frame rate, and the smartphone will heat up a bit.

The Galaxy A70 is a large phone that makes it difficult to access certain areas of the screen with one hand. Fortunately, out of the box it works on Android 9 Pie, supplemented by the Samsung OneUI user interface.

About him we have already written a lot, who are interested, then with some of its features can be found here . The new interface makes it easy to perform most tasks and move with one hand. But in some cases even Samsung OneUI cannot help, for example, when you need to open the quick settings menu at the top of the screen or open the application that is on the screen.

By default, the application icons on the Samsung Galaxy A70 Review look large and voluminous, perhaps to use the entire screen space. You will not complain that you cannot read or recognize them. This is a convenient and easy-to-use user interface, especially for older people or people with poor eyesight who may have trouble reading small texts or small icons. If you prefer smaller icons, you can always change them in the settings Samsung Galaxy A70 Review.

In addition to the desktop and navigation, there are many cleverly added features, such as color adjustment, night mode, accessible from the quick settings panel, or double messaging, which allows, for example, to connect two Facebook Messenger accounts. You will also appreciate the ability to install the launcher so that when you move down the home screen, the notification panel will open, and not the application drawer, as is the default. Especially in the Samsung OneUI you will be pleased with the night mode, which turns the overall background into black, which looks really attractive on Samsung AMOLED displays.

And what about autonomy Samsung Galaxy A70 Review?

Samsung Galaxy A70 Review Galaxy A70 got a suitable 4500 mAh battery for its size. Such a powerful battery provides up to one and a half days of battery life from a single charge. This is an average estimate based on a low intensity load. On days with more intensive use, such as streaming a large amount of content or several hours of games, the battery still lasted a whole day. Throughout the test, the smartphone worked quietly for a day, even if I turned on the Always On Display mode and brightness to maximum.

The package includes a 25 W charger (9 V and 2.77 A), the fastest charger that Samsung currently offers for its smartphones. With it, you can overclock the Galaxy A70 from zero to 75% in 60 minutes. This is very useful in extreme situations.

Should I buy the Samsung Galaxy A70?

In general, the Galax A70 offers a large set of specifications and follows the same path as the Galaxy A50. The hero of our review is not as experimental in terms of design as the Galaxy A80, a review of which will also be on our site very soon, but also worthy of attention. In addition, there are two reasons to buy a Samsung Galaxy A70 Review: a large and gorgeous AMOLED display and a durable battery.

Galaxy A70 also works as a universal device, since it has a reliable Snapdragon 675 chipset, which will be relevant for at least another year. Of course, the smartphone is not the best camera, but it is unlikely the quality of photos and videos will disappoint you. The undoubted advantage of the Galax A70 is that it works on Android 9 Pie with the Samsung OneUI interface.

This smartphone is not suitable for everyone. If you are looking for a device with a large and high-quality display, as well as a capacious battery, then the Samsung Galaxy A70 will be a worthy choice.

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