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    iPhone XR or Google Pixel 3a What to choose?

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    iPhone XR or Google Pixel 3a What to choose?

    iPhone XR or Google Pixel 3a What to choose?

    iPhone XR or Google Pixel 3a What to choose: a universal “soldier” or a Smartphone Comparison with a cool camera Apple iPhone XR &or Google? Smartphone Comparison of the average price (and functional, respectively) segment are in stable demand, which is quite logical. This is not for you state employees, in which you will have to put up with the absence of some top functions for the benefit of economy. And, of course, not the flagships, who boast the maximum “minced meat”, but the price tag has some astronomical figures. “Serednyachki” is a sensible compromise that allows you to get a very decent for many items a smartphone not for all the money of the world. And on the agenda today we have just such devices.

    Let’s compare between two fundamentally different Smartphone Comparison, both of which are the brainchild of American corporations and representatives of the upper middle class – Apple iPhone XR and Google Pixel 3a . Of course, you might think that this is how to compare a Christmas tree with a bicycle , because they have very little in common, and the target audience is different, but this is the whole point. Our small review comparison will appeal to those who do not have a bias towards Android gadgets or Apple devices . Here we will compare both smartphones according to the main criteria as objectively as possible (at least, we will try), without going into the jungle of proprietary technologies and chips. And certainly we will not add fuel to the fire of the eternal dispute “who is cooler: iOS or Android. Smartphone Comparison”

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    1. Design and materials
    2. Performance
    3. Displays
    4. How are things with cameras
    5. Autonomy
    6. Issue price
    7. What we have in the end

    Design and materials

    And we begin, as usual, with the “cover”. The iPhone XR looks very similar to the mixture of two familiar Apple models: the front and the “eyebrow” – to the “top ten” , and the back and the shape – to the iPhone 7 . That is, nothing supernova in the design of last year’s “apple” gadget appeared, and this “eyebrow” still causes a lot of controversy among amateurs and haters of such a cut under the front camera. But the materials in the iPhone XR are used almost the same as in the flagships – Smartphone Comparison a combination of aluminum and glass (instead of glass and stainless steel in the older models of the series). Due to such materials and really rich colors, the “youngest” looks no less impressive and premium. And the “apple” smartphone has a decent degree of protection against dust and water IP67, which is important for many users.

    iPhone XR or Pixel 3a What to choose

    iPhone XR or Pixel 3a What to choose

    If we talk about the design of Google Pixel 3a, here, too, some conceptual innovations are not observed. The same recognizable two-color “back”, which most Smartphone Comparison from Google have, no specific cutouts for the front-end, as in the same flagship Pixel 3 , and the constant presence of a 3.5 mm audio jack. But it’s hard not to notice that Pixel 3a materials have become simpler – instead of the flagship metal with glass, the “middling” is content with an ordinary plastic case without moisture protection, and it has very little color solutions. This, of course, favorably affected the price tag, but on the visual component of the iPhone XR is bypassing its opponent.

    Performance iPhone XR & Google Pixel 3a

    This is where the most significant differences between these two smartphones are made. Pixel 3a, of course, runs on the most current Android 9 Pie OS, but the 8-core Snapdragon 670 plays the role of the chipset in it. We can’t say that it is bad or its performance is not enough for almost any task, but this “saving” is quite dramatic striking. Note that the same last year’s Google Pixel 3a got the 845th Snapdragon. Although even with such a decision, it is not necessary to complain about a weak “iron” – everything works correctly and without suspension.

    RAM Pixel 3a has 4 GB, which is very, very good, and the internal drive has a figure of 64 GB without the possibility of expansion with memory cards. One could say that such storage is not enough, but cloud storage has not been canceled, and binding to Google Photos will also help to save the desired gigabytes.

    Google-Pixel-3a RAM Pixel 3a has 4 GB

    Google-Pixel-3a RAM Pixel 3a has 4 GB

    As for the iPhone XR, Apple did not save on such important parameters and equipped the “average” with the latest word of its own technology. Here we have the latest and most productive A12 Bionic chipset with 6 cores. For a minute, the same processor is installed in last year’s flagship models, which means that the iPhone XR’s performance margin will be enough for the coming years of operation without loss of quality of work.

    The RAM is only 3 GB here, but, as you know, 3 GB on Android and 3 GB on iOS are different indicators. For the purity of the “experiment”, we compare the iPhone XR with 64 GB of permanent memory on board, but versions with 128 GB and 256 GB are also available. True, their price tag is already sensitively higher. Of course, there can be no memory card slots on the iPhone, you already know that, and if there is not enough space, then the same cloud storage will help you.

    And in this confrontation, another iPhone XR score. At least, for the fact that even the average smartphone line was equipped with the flagship “iron”.


    The displays of both smartphones differ not only in size, but also in technology and performance. So, the iPhone XR is equipped with a 6.1-inch LCD matrix, Liquid Retina technology, a modest resolution of 1792 × 828 and a pixel density of 326 ppi. Despite the fact that the iPhone XR display has already been dubbed the largest LCD screen in the ranks of Apple, apparently, the iPhone XR was saved on the display, since the XS and XS Max models were obtained by the OLED matrix. However, there is no reason to talk about mediocre color rendition or “grain” of the screen.

    iPhone XR was saved on the display, since the XS and XS Max

    iPhone XR was saved on the display, since the XS and XS Max

    But Google Pixel 3a is equipped with a 5.6-inch OLED-matrix with a resolution of FullHD + (2220 × 1080) and a pixel density of 441 ppi. Comments are superfluous. The Pixel 3a display is really good and almost bypasses the iPhone XR in all parameters.

    How are things with cameras

    Despite the craze for manufacturers to install two camera modules and more in their smartphones, both Pixel 3a and iPhone XR each received one main camera sensor.

    both Pixel 3a and iPhone XR each received one main camera sensor

    both Pixel 3a and iPhone XR each received one main camera sensor

    Google Pixel 3a has exactly the same 12.2-megapixel f / 1.8 aperture module as last year’s flagship models. And the camera is just a cherry on a Google cake called Google Pixel 3a. Only one module allows you to take excellent pictures in any light. For this thanks to the night mode, which in the conditions of low light just works wonders. As usual, the camera application has a lot of settings available in order to achieve interesting photo effects and successfully shoot a variety of subjects. If we talk about the possibilities of video, the camera has a phase focus, optical stabilization and can shoot videos in 4K format.

    The iPhone XR camera also has a 12 MP module and is very similar in characteristics to the Pixel 3a camera. But there is one important nuance. If in good light the frames and videos are very worthy, then in the conditions of night-time photography you may be disappointed. Of course, in the application, you can also find a lot of interesting settings, but even with them, pulling out something digestible from a dimly lit frame is unlikely to work. And here for the quality of the camera points goes to Pixel 3a.


    As for autonomy, it is difficult to say something for sure and the opinion will be rather subjective. If we talk about battery capacity, the iPhone XR has a figure of 2942 mAh, and Pixel 3a – 3000 mAh. The difference between them is not great, but the numbers in this case is not the most important aspect. Here, the more important is the right balance between software and hardware, as well as a reasonable power consumption of the gadget itself, which will ensure the operability of the device for a whole day. And what can I say, both Smartphone Comparison cope with this with a bang.

    Both Pixel 3a and iPhone XR support fast charging, without which today, perhaps, nowhere, but the iPhone XR also has support for wireless charging. Included in the charging station , of course, is not and will have to buy it separately, but for someone it can be a weighty argument in favor of the device Cupertino.

    Issue price

    And now the most intriguing – the difference in prices. Today, the iPhone XR in Ukraine can be bought in the range of $ 800-1000, and Google Pixel 3a is one and a half to two times cheaper – about $ 500-550. For our market price tags are far from the most affordable, especially for Apple devices. Although last year’s Apple flagships cost even more – $ 1200-1400. In this case, Pixel 3a looks like a better buy, although it does not have many of the advantages that the iPhone XR can boast of Smartphone Comparison.

    What we have in the end

    So, how good is Google Pixel 3a? For quite reasonable means, Google’s smartphone offers a decent and up-to-date device with good performance, high-quality display and a very cool camera. But here it is necessary to come to terms with the plastic case and the average “iron”, which, despite everything, is more than enough in everyday use.

    For the iPhone XR will have to “roll off” a more impressive amount, but in fact it does not differ much from the flagships of Apple. Is that to some extent mediocre screen, camera and the lack of some flagship chips (like 3D Touch).

    In the end, both gadgets from American brands are quite competitive devices, each of which will find its buyer. If you are looking for an affordable but powerful smartphone with a focus on the camera, then Pixel 3a will not disappoint you. And if you need a good device, in which there is no “sharpening” for some specific functionality, and all the characteristics are completely balanced, then the iPhone XR is your choice.

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