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    iPhone 2 SIM cards A dream come true

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    iPhone 2 SIM cards A dream come true

    iPhone 2 SIM cards A dream come true

    iPhone 2 SIM cards A dream come true eSIM, eSIM from Lifecell, iPhone, iPhone 11, iPhone Xs, LifeCell, exclusive.
    increasingly, from exhibitions of various equipment, we hear about the development of 5G generation mobile communications, Wi-Fi 6, eSIM and many others. Just about eSIM technology below and we will talk from the practical side. Of course, there will be important information about the opportunity, which is indicated in the title of the article – eSIM from Lifecell to the new iPhone purchased in Allo.

    iPhone 2 SIM cards Content

    What is eSIM?
    How does it work on the iPhone?
    Key Benefits of eSIM Technology
    What could be the disadvantages with eSIM?

    Lifecell launches eSIM support in Ukraine
    What is the eSIM standard, why is it needed and what are its features?
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    What is eSIM?

    First of all, I’ll indicate that since December 19 I’ve been using Lifecell’s eSIM, so although it’s short, I still have experience. Now about more important, what is eSIM. Many people mistakenly think that eSIM is an electronic SIM card, but the letter “e” means embedded, which translates as “built-in”.

    SIMcards eSIM eSIM, eSIM from Lifecell

    SIMcards eSIM eSIM, eSIM from Lifecell

    Above in the image, one of the main advantages of eSIM is very noticeable – the size of the module, which does not even need to be removed or inserted. This technology allows you to programmatically record the data of a mobile operator’s number without any physical actions. Of course, if necessary, you can also delete this data and write new ones. Unfortunately, not all operators support this type of SIM-cards, but, fortunately, in Ukraine there is the first step in this direction that Lifecell took. Of interesting facts, it is worth noting that eSIM appeared as a technology back in 2010, and nanoSIM – in early 2012.

    How does it work on the iPhone?

    Starting with the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR iPhone Xs lifecell introduced in 2018, eSIM technology has been added. In these smartphones and newer, which now include the latest in 2019 in the form of iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max, there is not only a slot for nanoSIM, but also an eSIM module. That is, these smartphones can work both with one physical SIM-card of any operator or only with eSIM technology from supported operators in those countries where it generally works, and with both capabilities at once.

    For example, I have nanoSIM from Vodafone and since December 19 I have activated and use eSIM from Lifecell. By the way, there are even iPads that support eSIM, but so far this does not work for us, just like the eSIM in the Apple Watch of the corresponding version. The Apple website has detailed instructions for setting up eSIM on the iPhone. And on the Allo website, steps are described step by step to participate in the “Buy iPhone – Get eSIM Lifecell” campaign.

    Key Benefits of eSIM Technology

    I consider the main advantage as a whole such an opportunity – to change operators without going to mobile phone departments. By the way, also for existing Lifecell subscribers there is an opportunity to simply transfer to eSIM so as not to use a physical SIM card anymore. This will help, for example, on the same trips with the possibility of buying a local SIM-card for more favorable rates. Still, as an option, it will be pleasant to use the second operator, which is more profitable for one reason or another, but does not yet have support for eSIM technology.

    What could be the disadvantages with eSIM?

    The most obvious drawback can only be that this technology is not available on other devices that could already work quietly. The same Apple Watch and iPad with the corresponding modules.

    iPhone, iPhone 11, iPhone Xs, lifecell, exclusive

    iPhone, iPhone 11, iPhone Xs, lifecell, exclusive

    ESIM eSIM from Lifecell Conclusions

    New technologies always provide new experience and interesting opportunities. And if also with the new gadget in the form of iPhone, then this is excellent. If you can try eSIM, then it is worth doing, I recommend from personal experience.

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